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Hey fans of Tim & The Glory Boys!


Welcome to the info page for The Herd, Tim & The Glory Boys official Street Team! So what exactly does a street team do? Well, we are looking for creative community-building ways to let people know we are touring. You can volunteer for what you feel like you'd be good at and enjoy! It's things like:


If you live within an hour of any show on this tour, we'll send you posters (feel free to keep one for your wall) to put up in grocery stores, libraries, farmer's markets, coffeeshops, and anywhere else people might see them! 


Print ads are still a huge part of getting the word out about concerts, especially in small towns! We would like a few volunteers to identify the small, local publications that either have a classifieds section or an events calendar and get the info for the event printed for all to see. We take care of paying for ads in the big publications, but we don't always know those little community newsletters that a local resident would!


Seems like this social media thing is here to stay... so we've created a social media package with Facebook posts, Instagram stories, and some hilarious Tim & The Glory Boys gifs to promote these shows. We'll give you access and some guidelines and you can be our digital street team!


Our shows are all about community. There's a reason we invite every person and family in town. But we want to reach even more people AND give back to the communities we're in. So what connections do you have within your community? Maybe you run a local business that can partner with us. Maybe you know a radio DJ or the editor of your local paper. Maybe you run the Facebook marketplace for your town. This is where we get creative!


We would love to hear your ideas too! If you're a member of our street team, you're in on the creative process. Just send us a quick message below with your name, email and location and we can figure out together how to best utilize you as a member of The Herd.

So what's in it for you?

We see this as a chance to engage with fans in a way most bands don't get to. If you volunteer, we'll get in touch, get to know you a little, and make a plan. 

We hope you see this as an opportunity to spread positivity and a message of love to your community, but we wouldn't ask you for all this without giving you some swag!

We'll hook you up! Just come say hi at the merch table and we will take care of you! 

Contact us!

Thanks for submitting!

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